Dear bloggers,

I'm Mandy (i know it's an english name but it comes from the name Adamantia).
I was born in Pireaus, Greece, 24 years ago.

 I graduated as a make up artist from Beauty School Data Type-Atelier de Beaute (including artistic maquillage for runaways,tv,theatre,body painting,face painting and special FX). I also studied nail art and attented 2 seminars by french make up artists who work in Paris Beauty School-Atelier International de Maquillage

I have a longtime relationship with music! I sing, play drums, guitar and a little bit piano. 

I like making jewelleries,clutchs and re-design vintage pieces and made my own craft brand Colourful M.B. 

 After 3 years spent on Youtube, I decided to make my own yt channel and my own person beauty blog.

Beauty and Crafts. the name of the blog alludes to what I want to include to my blog...just sharing my passion for make-up & nail art, fashion and all those little cute and girly things.
Most of all, my passion is Art.

I hope you will enjoy it!

Love always,

Colourful M.B. 

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